Friday, 7 September 2012

ghd Air Boutique

Yesterday I was invited to join ghd on the launch of their nationwide socially powered beauty experience; the ghd air boutique. To celebrate Vogue's annual Fashion Night Out hundreds of city goers were offered the ultimate blow dry experience from leading hair stylists in their Maddox Street portable Blow Dry Bar.

After being greeted with a glass of champagne we watched the professionals cleverly style their way through a crowd of excited girls, and before I knew it I was whisked into one of the plush leather chairs. Armed only with a ghd AIR Hairdryer and Natural Bristle Radial Brush my stylist, Sally, got to work. Having relatively thin hair I struggle to get huge amounts of volume into it, and after several hours of wear any hairstyle seems to fall slightly flat. Sally recommended I use the ghd Root Lift Spray and began carefully working it into the roots of my hair with the radial brush.

Thirty minutes, a glass of champagne and a spritz of ghd Final Shine Spray later it was done; I had a beautiful, voluminous head of hair that I'd normally lust over but never actually be able to achieve. It was incredible to see how easy it was to create such great results without all the fuss. I spent the rest of the evening bouncing around London, showing off my new hairstyle. I'll definitely be ditching the styling irons for my hairdryer when next styling my hair.

ghd Goodies

The revolutionary ghd air boutique is set to travel around the UK with ghd's social media followers deciding it's future destinations... Have your say and book an appointment at ghd's Facebook and Twitter pages and have a good hair day, every day.


  1. Lucky you! your hair looks beautiful Michaela!

    1. Aww Thank-you Zara, I hope you're well lovely! X


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