Sunday, 21 October 2012

Topshop Mighty Boots

For weeks now I've been on the hunt for some new winter boots. It's that time of year when it seems necessary to go out and purchase a few winter wardrobe staples, including a sturdy pair of boots. The only problem is I've been having trouble finding any I really love. Last year I snapped up a pair of the Topshop Ambush boots that everyone wanted. They were a lovely double zipped ankle boot that looked identical to the Acne Pistol boots. They were my staple. I lived in them and unfortunately after several months of wear the damage is beginning to show.

After weeks of trying on hundreds of pairs of boots nothing seemed to compare to my beloved Ambush boots. However, this year Topshop have released a cheaper, little sister version of my dream boots; Mighty. With only one zip and at a considerably lower price of £45 they aren't quite the real deal, but until I find 'the ones' these little booties will see me stylishly through Autumn.

Topshop Mighty Boots


  1. I have these! I love them, although I have misplaced one in my room :( an amazing alternative to the Acne Pistols though :)

  2. love the heels, perfect for autumn, do you want to convert time, with spikes or soomething may?

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  4. Beautiful boots! :) Soon I will also have them! ^^

    Feel free to yourself! ^^


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