Saturday, 28 September 2013

Today I'm Wearing: The Skort

Black Zara Skort
So it would seem I have finally, accidentally on purpose jumped on the latest blogger bandwagon. When the Skort craze first hit the blogging scene earlier this year I wasn't completely convinced. The model-esque 6ft something blogger who looks as though they've stepped right off the pages of Vogue can obviously pull it off, but at 5ft nothing I knew I had no chance, until about a month ago.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

L'Oreal Paris - Line of Beauty

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Collection

Most of you will already know that I’m a big fan of thick, graphic eyeliner. Taking inspiration from the likes of Alexa Chung and Jameela Jamil I’ve embraced the winged liner look for as long as I’ve worn make up, so you can imagine my excitement when the lovely ladies from L’Oreal Paris introduced me to the beautiful Line of Beauty range.

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