Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Frends Rose Gold Layla Headphones

Frends Heaphones
Frends Rose Gold Layla Headphones

Last weekend I received a thing of true, handcrafted beauty. My brand new Frends headphones. The vintage jewellery inspired headphones first caught my eye when I saw them on Rosie Fortescue's instagram (these MIC girls are beginning to cost me a small fortune). I immediately fell love with the entire Frends collection at Avenue 32 and naturally decided I needed a pair.

After much deliberation I opted for the Rose Gold Layla over ear headphones – the original Taylor’s demure little sister, they’re still super stylish just a little more subtle. They arrived Saturday morning and I was completely besotted.

The pristine white lambskin leather makes them practical and really comfortable, particularly for long journeys, while the metallic rose gold finish makes them feel more like a fashion accessory than a pair of headphones. They also come with a stylish set of volume, music and phone controls and a nifty pouch to keep them safe and scratch-free.

Now that I own a pair, I've been noticing them everywhere, including on Cara Delevinge at Paris Fashion Week - if Cara has a pair they have to be cool right? I can see them being a real hit amongst us bloggers!



  1. If they're good enough for Cara right? ;)
    These are beautiful, I may invest... do they easily wipe clean? White on foundation I can imagine gets a little messy?

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

    1. They're leather so a quick wash with a face wipe and they're brand new ;) X

  2. These are gorgeous and definitely worth the purchase x

  3. There are absolutely beautiful! I need a pair in my life x

  4. I'm going to save up all my wages and treat myself to these. I think I'm in love...
    Always love reading your blog pretty lady :) xx

  5. Whoa, these are beautiful!

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