Sunday, 7 August 2016


I don’t really see myself as a ‘blogger’. I started writing a blog back in 2010 – it was a place to be creative and post about the things that interested me, if and when I felt like it. Since then, the digital world has changed massively and while I’ve always followed it, I’ve never been desperate to keep up or make a career out of blogging. For me, it’s a hobby. I enjoy trying new products, buying new clothes and sharing them with you all. I don’t see myself as an influencer or a content creator; I just like taking pretty photos. 

Because of this, I’ve always found it hard to understand why the real influencers are so protective over their content. I guess it’s na├»ve of me, but I’ve always thought if someone wanted to share your content they would credit you for it. Right? I was wrong...

I’ve recently found that someone has, unknowingly to me, been taking my content and reproducing it as their own. It shocked me, as I’ve never seen my content as something anyone else would want to plagiarise. I’m all for sharing ideas, heck, that’s the point in blogging! What I’m not for is taking something that someone else has worked hard for and showcasing it as your own.

I’ve seen it happening more and more throughout the blogging community and it’s a real shame that people can’t be more honest. I’m not claiming I created the flat lay, or that I’m the only one to have posted some Charlotte Tilbury makeup against a marble slate. However, when you've spent hours working on a piece of content, only to find someone has taken that exact image and reproduced it as their own in probably less than ten minutes, it’s difficult to feel flattered.

This post isn’t about shaming someone for taking my content; it’s about making people aware that plagiarising someone else isn’t the way forward. We should let other people’s content inspire us, not dictate what we post. I guarantee you’ll get more satisfaction when you get recognition for something you created, instead of taking it from someone else.


  1. That is so spooky how similar their content looks to yours. Even down to the places you go and visit! Your point is definitely valid and I would also be annoyed too if I was in your shoes! xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah, it means a lot coming from you! I love being inspired by others but this felt a little unfair. X


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