Wednesday, 4 July 2018

How to Create a Killer Insta' Feed

Instagram Editing Tips
With the Instagram algorithm sending influencers everywhere into a complete frenzy, the social platform has suddenly become a whole new conundrum of getting the right content out to the right audience. It's no longer a place to share daily photos of our cat, but much more curated and considered content. With all of that in mind it's a pretty daunting place for someone without the technical equipment that the 'profesh' influencers have these days, which is why I thought I'd share all of my top tips and tricks on creating a killer Insta' feed.
The Content
The obvious place to start... whether it's a flatlay, food or your favourite hangout, always consider how your photograph is going to appear on the gram. I love a clean, minimalistic feed so I often look towards my favourite influencers and magazines for inspiration, while making sure I put my own spin on things too. 
The Tools
The majority of my Instagram content is shot on my Olympus Pen E-PL7. A blogger cliche I know, but it's the perfect size camera for everyday use and when used properly can take some really beautiful shots. For me though, it's the wifi capabilities that make this camera worth every penny... (and the selfie flip screen) With just a touch I can download my photos straight onto my iPhone ready for editing. 
The Edit
This is where the magic happens! While it's important to have a well shot image, editing is the glue that will hold your Instagram feed together and help create your overall desired aesthetic. I do all of my editing on my iPhone, using a free photo-editing app called Snapseed. It's super easy to use and offers real flexibility without compromising on image quality.
The Grid
Working in social media has made me a bit of an Insta grid obsessive, so it only felt natural to pay as much attention to my own grid as I do everyone else's. Using an app called UNUM, I plan out all of my weekly content in grids, giving me a better feel for what works where, when to upload and how often to upload too. It's a great way to achieve balance and gives any potential followers a great first impression as soon as they land on your profile. If you can invest the time I'd really recommend it!

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